Tuesday, January 26, 2010

WANTED: lonely heifer looking for a herd

i knew a cow named sally
she had remarkable eyes and remarkable brows
red and white and brown
part brahma part love
she knew

a cow that sought your soul
remarkable ability
to seek out the kind
discard the harmful

she learned to jump for joy
to run the field of green
she paced the fence looking down the road
the herd that was driven by
she knew

she was a protector
gathered around the sheep
stood her ground
upon the hill

she saw her love
ran so fast
heels up in the air
a sliding stop
she knew

no harm
no hurt
a big kiss upon you
her love
so wet and free

i ran a add
lonely heifer
looking for a herd
we found a home
she knew

a baby growing inside her
she needed company
not the two legged kind
only the four would do
we said our good byes
she knew

we miss you Sally
we know you are happy…..

you taught us your lessons
about acceptance and love
about pushing out the harmful ones
not needing them in our lives
she knew
now we know

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Step into my world. Put your foot here.....


we are all born into the world
all the same yet different
who's to say what's right or wrong
who's to say what belief is

i believe in mother earth father sky and buddha
i believe in everyone
who's to say what belief is

everyone has a name for theirs
yet share it to no one
they keep their thoughts inside their head
who's to say what belief is

step into my world
put your foot here
ride the ride i have ridden
i have been up i have been down
who's to say what belief is

i am you you are me
differences we both see
you've been here i have been there
who's to say what belief is

your not right i am not wrong
we all share common ground
do not point your finger at someone else
nor shake your head at me

i believe in everyone
who's to say what belief is
i believe in me.....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

rest now my teacher

put your foot here

i step up into the stirrup
not knowing what to expect
my hands grasp the reins
put your foot here

he takes a step forward
i follow with my hips
his ears turn slightly backward
he listens for my voice

one two three four
a walk that takes you there
a spring in his step
me up in the air

we advance as we age
together we did learn
my trust his trust
we shared this bond

through the woods we go
following the path we know
ever twisting always turning
our rhythm we did share

one two three beat
our pace has advanced
a lengthening stride
as he lifts his back into a trot

he is quiet now as he rest
a noble gentleman
he taught me what there is to know
i would do it all over again

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

get over it

get over it

you bring your luggage so neatly packed
your place is now where you stand
your future awaits you
our business at hand

past is gone
present is now
give me your hand
i have come to help you

put down your judgement
your history and old stuff
we do not have use for it anymore
unpack your bags

i offer my knowledge
i give you my words
they are not meant to harm you
my intentions are good

your past has scarred you as it has me

get over it

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I always wanted a Horse.....

I learned and yearned to ride at a very young age...I watched westerns...played Bonanza with my friends....put broken hula hoops up on my little red wagon with a torn sheet on top...hooked myself up with a rope to the front with my skates on and rode around the block...me and my covered wagon...played for hours in the front lawn with my little plastic horses and their saddles and bridles with bowlegged riders..I took money out of my fathers till and snuck off to the stables and rode all day on a palomino and grey...bringing home my dirty pants and stuffing them down to the bottom of the hamper so my mother would not know..I rode horses at a ranch..a friend of my dad's..learned that if you ride the ponies real fast they drop their heads down and you fall hard to the ground..I leased my first horse when I was young...always someone else's horse...bought my first horse in littlerock..a young pinto who only knew how to follow a path...my kids were young and I sold him quick to a young gal who also wanted him....no time to ride...then there was Tyler..a dark steel grey arab... he taught me to ride...not to have fear..to relax and just sit and enjoy the feel...of four hoof-beats pounding the earth..in rythmic motion we ride...just this summer I gave him back to Mother Earth...he rest now in the back pasture behind the house...I can still see him in my mind..feel his back lift as he extends his stride..not forgotten..always in my heart...wherever I ride....

Friday, January 1, 2010

first day of new year 2010

I learned today that listening is better than talking.....I should have learned this long ago......for whatever reason I am late. I can write....if you think you cannot do something you will never try...do not do this to yourself....we are all capable of the same ting as we are born with the same capabilities as others...yes some have obstacles but do not put the obstacles up yourself...
new year resolutions:
1: write my story
2: spend more time with my horse
3: learn to rope
4: play my drum
5: take a real vacation
6: spend b'days with my grandchildren
7: spend Christmas at home in Montana
8: remember the four agreements
9: make new friends
10: and final silent my thoughts and listen more......