Friday, January 1, 2010

first day of new year 2010

I learned today that listening is better than talking.....I should have learned this long ago......for whatever reason I am late. I can write....if you think you cannot do something you will never not do this to yourself....we are all capable of the same ting as we are born with the same capabilities as others...yes some have obstacles but do not put the obstacles up yourself...
new year resolutions:
1: write my story
2: spend more time with my horse
3: learn to rope
4: play my drum
5: take a real vacation
6: spend b'days with my grandchildren
7: spend Christmas at home in Montana
8: remember the four agreements
9: make new friends
10: and final silent my thoughts and listen more......


  1. We can soooo totally do this!
    Happy New Year & best wishes on your goals.

    Let's RIDE & BLOG!!
    The Other "Jeannette"