Tuesday, January 26, 2010

WANTED: lonely heifer looking for a herd

i knew a cow named sally
she had remarkable eyes and remarkable brows
red and white and brown
part brahma part love
she knew

a cow that sought your soul
remarkable ability
to seek out the kind
discard the harmful

she learned to jump for joy
to run the field of green
she paced the fence looking down the road
the herd that was driven by
she knew

she was a protector
gathered around the sheep
stood her ground
upon the hill

she saw her love
ran so fast
heels up in the air
a sliding stop
she knew

no harm
no hurt
a big kiss upon you
her love
so wet and free

i ran a add
lonely heifer
looking for a herd
we found a home
she knew

a baby growing inside her
she needed company
not the two legged kind
only the four would do
we said our good byes
she knew

we miss you Sally
we know you are happy…..

you taught us your lessons
about acceptance and love
about pushing out the harmful ones
not needing them in our lives
she knew
now we know

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